Explore and visualize your data without coding.

Datavariation will automatically analyze the data requests you make in English language, load the data requested, and eventually build visualizations.
Saving you time and making your organization's decisions stronger by enabling data-supported decision-making process at every level of your the organization.

Why DataVariation

  • It brings Deep data literacy at every level of the organization
  • It gives the opportunity to see your data on different edges
  • It saves you a lot of time by doing the boring job
  • It offers a flexible data governance for more security

Onboarding on 3 steps



Connect to your databases, APIs or upload your Files


Configure your model. No technical skill needed

start using

Load your data and build your repports.

performance Save time

Avoid blockages in your decision-making process. Let things go fast. Make everyone capable of loading, integrating, and analyzing the data needed to make the organization grow faster.

performance Empower everyone

Now you can empower every member of your team to dig deep in your data to find the right and golden insight that brings their work to the next level. Equip everyone to make the best decisions to bring the organization at its best potential.

performance Be more efficient

Vague data can lead to false conclusions. Open doors to the most precise requests and the most efficient results. Make everyone efficient to make the organization more efficient.
  • Avoid data Errors Risks
  • Stop losing most of your time trying to get data
  • Be more efficient by adding independence in value creation
  • Dig deeper