Speak to your data to grow your business faster.

Ask questions and receive answers to unlock advanced insights from your business' data. In your responses you can find charts, tables, dashboard, export files,.. that you can visualize, export, customize and share.

Insights On-demand


Time to insights Reduction


Empower your team to make data driven decisions


Easy to use and designed for complex problems

Why DataVariation

DataVariation is an AI-Powered state-of-the-art interface that can handle complex queries, logic, formulae, ambiguities, that can produce high quality insights at the database level rather that the dataset level, and that is as easy to use as a google search.

performance Get dynamic analytics

Old analytics tools provide static dashboards that don't adapt to changes. Our insight on-demand service offers dynamic data, dynamic visualizations, and dynamic dashboards Customized according to your needs and the context.
Ask your question and get data or visuals

performance Get precise answers

Question/answer analytics tools in the market will analyze only keywords of your question to classify it into a category of problems they can solve. Our solution analyses every word of your question to understand your exact needs and solve your problem with the highest precision.
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performance Solve Complex problems

Do you have complex problems to solve? Traditional analytics tools are too hard to use and consume too much time. Self-service analytics tools are too superficial and can't go deeper enough to answer your complex questions. DataVariation combines deep analysis and simplicity to solve your problems.
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